where to get botox injections on your face



where to get botox injections on your face

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What is Botox?

The Botox is a cosmetic filler made using a neurotoxin, for medical use in order to treat muscular conditions, migraines & cosmetic purposes simply by temporarily paralyzing the muscles.

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What is botox used for?

It’s utilized in many different treatments both medical as well as cosmetic including: treatment of muscular conditions like cervical dystonia, migraines and treatment of cosmetic problems like wrinkles & lines. This amazing product has been a life-saver for the appearance of many. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s also used for facial sculpting, lifting eyebrows and facial contouring etc and people are so keen to buy botox online.

Who makes botox?

The very well known and reputable company known as Allergan makes Botox 100 Units. This product has gone extrememly popular worldwide and the demand for this product nowadays is simply tremendous. That’s the reason why hundreds of thousands of people buy botox online for thier treatments.

What is botox made from?

Botox is produed using Onabotulinum toxin A, bacterium clostridium botulinum that’s being a neurotoxin temporarily paralyzes the muscles it’s injected into.

Botox Injection Cost | Botox 100 units Prices – $285

We’re nowadays offering Botox at an amazingly affordable price of $285 per pack. But honestly! This is the limited time offer and you never know when the prices go Up. So just grab this deal as soon as possible.

Is Botox Safe?

The FDA has a very rigorous process to determine the safety of products. The use of Botox to treat glabellar, between the eyebrow, wrinkles is very safe and approved by the FDA. The use of Botox to treat other areas such as around the eyes, the forehead and even around the mouth has been proven to be a very safe and effective means to treat facial wrinkles. So go ahead and enjoy the benefits of Botox Cosmetic.


12 benefits of Botox that every woman should know

Women want to always look young

Since you are willing to purchase botox online form the Reliable Provider, you are already at the right place. Let’s discover some great benefits of Botox Injections. where to get botox injections on your face

The desire for youth is present in all human beings, however, it is women who express it with greater freedom and cosmetic surgery has helped them in this purpose, since since its inception this branch of medicine focused its attention on the female body .

Women have always been references of beauty and perfection in the world , so that cosmetic surgery has been the easy way out for those who want to be within the canons of beauty, and also for others who, being beautiful, want occasional retouching.

But what exactly is Botox?

The botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin popularly known as Botox (name of the first brand marketed this medicine); This substance is basically the toxin that botulism produces, however its application is not harmful , since doctors apply small doses of subtypes of the toxin called botulinum toxin type A (TbA) and botulinum toxin type B (TbB) in areas specific to the face to produce paralysis in the muscles and thus diminish or disappear the expression lines.

Now, surely you did not know that botox comes from one of the most powerful poisons that exist, nor should you know these 12 things you did not know about botox and you will be amazed:

  1. Botulinum toxin is not only used for aesthetic purposes , in fact its first medical application was carried out in 1977 as a treatment for strabismus.
  2. In the 80’s, botulinum toxin was used to treat different types of focal dystonia; diseases related to some muscles of the body .
    Another therapeutic uses of botulinum toxin is to treat paraplegic patients with urinary incontinence, also those with blepharospasm, vertebral aliases, migraines, excessive saliva formation and sweating.
  3. The cosmetic use of botulinum toxin was accidentally discovered in 1987 by Dr. Jean Carruthers while treating a patient with blepharospasm (abnormal eyelid function).
  4. Botulinum toxin is known as Botox worldwide , since it was the name of the first brand of this type of injections that was released in the market, there are currently many others.
  5. According to statistics from the International Society of Plastic Surgery, the most frequent cosmetic procedures are Botox injections and breast augmentation. One in every 1,000 people in the United States, one in every 1,100 in Brazil, one in every 1,200 in Colombia, one in every 1,600 in France and one in every 1,700 in Germany.
  6. Botox is safe for health and can be used for a long time , and stop applying it at any time without the skin being affected.
    The only doctors who can apply this treatment are those certified in dermatology, plastic surgery, eye plastic surgery or otolaryngology .
  7. Expression wrinkles are removed with Botox because it has a paralyzing effect on muscle activity, its effect is temporary, so patients apply it regularly.
  8. Botox is one of the most used rejuvenation procedures for its effectiveness, in addition, it avoids plastic surgery which leaves scars , bruises and is painful, not to mention the annoying post operative.
  9. Botox injections are a painless treatment , which does not need recovery time or special care. where to get botox injections on your face
  10. Unlike other rejuvenation procedures, Botox allows the patient to expose their skin to the sun without any side effects.

As in any medical procedure there are risks and Botox is no exception, however, most occur only in 10% of patients and in a higher percentage when the treatment is carried out in the wrong way.

On the other hand, facial deformations that are regularly seen in celebrities are caused by the excessive use of botox and the combination of other rejuvenation procedures that end up giving the person a cartoonish appearance.

In general , Botox is an excellent procedure to rejuvenate a woman’s face while applied wisely and in expert hands. Hope you found this helpful. You can order botox online from our website.

The best areas to inject Botox (look good and really work)

Half an hour of treatment, half a dozen pricks and voila! You will see that your face rejuvenates five years. The secret of your success? Choose a good professional and inform yourself.

It is the aesthetic procedure that most women resort to and, yes, also more and more men . And the truth is that everything on paper are advantages: a quick, painless treatment, which leaves no trace and whose effects – it eliminates the appearance of a tired face , opens the eyes and reduces wrinkles between the eyebrows and the eye contour – last About four months. A fantastic plan that no cosmetic can compete with.

But it is also true that the results are not always the desired ones. We have all seen those expressions of infinite amazement caused by fired eyebrowsthat rise at impossible angles. Or the opposite: eyebrows drooping on the eyelids that accentuate the problems we were trying to solve. That’s why Botox has its dark side. To clear up doubts, Dr. Leo Cerrud , an aesthetic doctor and botox specialist, answers the key questions to make the treatment a resounding success.

Should we adapt Botox to age, wrinkles or face physiognomy?

Flatly yes. To use botulinum toxin successfully, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the muscles involved in mimicking the face. There are muscle groups that ‘go up’, others that ‘go down’ and others that ‘get close’. The toxin neutralizes some muscles to give priority to others and thus achieve the desired effect, which is different depending on the age and sex of the patient. “The fine line between the dose for a natural and other paralyzing effect is very thin, and knowing where you are is only given by experience,” says Cerrud.

Can the same Botox dosage cause different reactions depending on the face?

Yes, aesthetic medicine is not an exact science. If we give aspirin to three people with migraine, it is most likely that one will be removed, another will not, and the third may cause a reaction of any kind. The same goes for Botox: there is a standard dose and some specific points, but the trick is to customize each dose according to the wrinkles we want to attenuate or make disappear. “That is why I like to carry out the treatment in two sessions: the first to infiltrate the toxin and the second to check the results and reinforce them if necessary,” explains the expert.

Can Botox be used on the contour of the lips and neck?

In the European Community, its use is only allowed in the upper third because we know that, well used, it works and is a safe procedure. In the United States, it is also used in the neck to correct those bands similar to necklaces that appear in its contour, in the chin to improve the appearance of the ‘stony’ chins that show a fairly coarse orange skin, in the wrinkles of the mouth or to raise the tip of the nose, but in all these cases, the risks of being bad outweigh the results. Personally, I prefer not to.

Is it true that Botox causes headaches or is it an urban legend?

No, it is not a legend. There is a considerable percentage of patients suffering from post-toxin headache . It usually occurs four to six hours after infiltration and does not last more than 24 hours, but it occurs. However, it is not serious and is treated with paracetamol and a little patience.

Another urban legend: are there doctors who dilute the Botox with other substances?

It is absurd, illegal and so easy to detect that I don’t think any serious professional will resort to it. A diluted botox works poorly and lasts for a short time, but the worst part is that it causes unwanted effects, such as eyelid drooping, and nobody wants that for their patients.

A tip for those who want to wear botox

Look for personal references, friends or acquaintances who have used it for a long time; to consult with several specialists and choose the one with more experience and more confidence to give; Do not trust stars of the networks, stay away from franchises, super offers and centers whose owners are not doctors.

57 frequently asked questions about Botox

Botulinum Toxin is a medical treatment that does not depend on age but on the characteristics of the skin and gestures of people who will determine the shape and direction of wrinkles. It is very effective and is one of the most used in treatments for facial rejuvenation. Here are the 57 most frequently asked questions before deciding to perform a Botox treatment.

1. What does the word Botox mean?

It comes from the Anglo-Saxon abbreviation Botuline Toxine (botulinum toxin), a neurotoxin made by a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinium.

2. How is the Botox treatment applied?

With very fine needles and only intramuscularly, producing a blockage in the muscle where it is injected.

3.Where is the Botox more effective?

It has optimal results in wrinkles of expression, where the muscles are responsible for their movement and formation. The most demanded places of application are the eyebrow, the forehead, the orbicular of the eyes, etc.

4.Can Botox be applied on any type of wrinkle?

Under normal conditions, yes, but in some cases, special precautions should be taken not to alter facial mimicry.

5. Does Botox serve only to treat wrinkles or does it have any other application?

It is used very effectively for the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating. Of course it can also be applied in other neurological and muscular pathologies, such as spasmodic torticollis, spastic paralysis, strabismus, facial paralysis, etc.

6.Is Botox Treatment painful?

No, it only produces a slight discomfort that lasts only a few seconds.

7. Is anesthesia needed for BOTOX?

The application of Botox does not imply the use of anesthesia.


8.Is Botox considered an intervention?

The application of Botox under no circumstances is considered an intervention or an operation of plastic surgery.

9. Should painkillers be taken before or after?

It is not necessary, but it all depends on the patient to be treated.

10. Do wrinkles disappear immediately or is their defect gradual?

There is no immediate disappearance, it occurs progressively.

12. Does it disappear little by little?

As its effects become visible gradually, the disappearance is also progressive. where to get botox injections on your face

13. Does the epidermis absorb it?

Do not.

14. Is sensitivity lost in the treated area?

Do not.

15.And the mobility of the muscles in the treated area is lost?

Yes, and in fact it is the objective of the application of the Botox and the wrinkle of expression, to achieve the paralysis of that muscle.

16. Can it produce allergies?

There have been no cases in which allergies have occurred due to the application of Botox.

17. Are allergy tests done on people who are going to have a Botox treatment?

You can perform this type of tests, but it is not necessary.

18. Can everyone use it?

In principle yes, but we should see the needs and demands of the patient

19. Can it be done at any age ?; Is there any age more appropriate than another?

It can be done at any age; In fact, its effects last longer when applied to young people than when injected to older people.

20.When the effect passes the face is off the hook or more wrinkles appear than before?

Never. Once its duration has subsided, we have described no case in which the patient has more wrinkles or sagging skin than he had before injecting Botox.

21. How many Botox sessions are necessary?

In principle, just one session would be enough, but you have to repeat them every 3 or 6 months – depending on the patient – if you want to maintain the effect.

22. Is there any risk?

There is no risk if the treatment is well indicated and performed. where to get botox injections on your face

23. How much does a session cost?

The price will vary according to the area to be treated, but usually ranges between 540 and 650 euros.

24. Is there a natural face?

If the treatment is carried out properly, and always by a specialized professional, it is always natural.

25. Does it serve to fill wrinkles?

It should be clarified that Botox does not fill wrinkles, it only eliminates expression wrinkles by blocking the muscle responsible for them.

26. Does a plastic surgeon have to apply it?

In theory, and in practice, the Botox is applied by an aesthetic doctor, a plastic surgeon and / or dermatologist, specifically trained in the use and management of botulinum toxin.

27. Does it have side effects?

It does not produce side effects, only occasionally a small bruise appears at the injection site.

28. How long do I have to be without makeup after the injections?

You have to keep your face clean, without makeup, for at least 4 hours.

29. If I do it on my upper lip, can I smoke again after doing it?

The application of botox on the upper lip should be done with caution and only on specific occasions.

30. And can I shave my upper lip?

From 24 hours.

31. Can I sunbathe or UVA after a Botox treatment?

Yes, always after 24 hours.

32. Is it better to do it at a specific time or on a specific date?

The date or time of your application is totally indifferent. where to get botox injections on your face

33. Can I get botox if I am pregnant?

No. If you are or think you might be pregnant, you should tell your doctor before or get any type of treatment.

34. What if I have the period?

Yes, it is not a problem.

35. Are there different types of Botox?

There are different kinds of botox, in profilzentrum we use the most recognized brands: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Botulax.

36. Does it also work on the neck?

It can work in all those places where there are facial expression wrinkles, also in the facial contour or oval and in the neck on some occasions, whenever indicated.

37. Can you do another aesthetic treatment just after, like a face cleaning or a peel?

Of course, no problem.

38. Since it comes from a toxin, can it be toxic?

It doesn’t have to be toxic, as long as it is used in the right doses.

39. Once you have the first treatment, are you forced to repeat every so often?

Mandatory is not, but if you want to keep the effects you have to repeat the sessions. The good news is that over time the effects lengthen and the sessions are spaced.

40.If my expression wrinkles are very marked, will I need more than one session?

Only one session is necessary, plus an additional session to review the results. where to get botox injections on your face

41. How many years can I get rid of with the Botox?

It is difficult to risk saying an exact number of years, it depends a lot on each patient, but the natural rejuvenation of the face is remarkable in all.

42. Can the tetanus vaccine alter the effectiveness of Botox?

Being toxins of the same family the effect of the vaccine is not only against tetanus but also against botox. Therefore, it is always recommended to wait 1 year after having been vaccinated for tetanus to get botox.

43. Will I get more wrinkles and faster if I stop putting it on?

Never more wrinkles to stop putting on Botox. The aging process will continue at the same point as before starting treatment.

44. Are there health controls on this product?

There is no doubt that there is a very exhaustive control regarding botox treatments.

45. How do I know that the botox they put on me meets the sanitary requirements and is not adulterated?

The Botox cannot be adulterated, since for its use it is necessary to pass a sanitary control, a drug deposit and a pharmaceutical control.


46. ​​Is it bad to have so many sessions?

No, as long as the recommended deadlines between each session are met. Only 2 percent of patients develop immunity to Botox after the application of many sessions.

47. What is the effect of droopy eyes?

This effect can be caused by excessive dose, product dispersion, sensitivity to it or, the most common cause, a poor injection technique.

48. What other adverse effects can cause an incorrect application?

Asymmetries, eyebrows of circumflex arch, temporary loss of facial mobility, alterations in facial mimicry, eyelid edema … where to get botox injections on your face

49. Are these effects irreversible?

Luckily, all are absolutely reversible, and disappear in a matter of time.

50. Is there an age type to apply Botox?

In theory, it can be applied without any problem between the ages of 18 and 65, although in practice it also applies to people over 65 and satisfactory results are obtained.

51.Are there different types of botox?

In Aesthetic Medicine there are three specific commercial types for this use but they all have the same active molecule despite being different toxins. They are:

-Vistabel from the Allergan laboratory
-Azzalure of the Ipsen laboratory (commercialized by Galderma in Spain)
-Bocouture of the Merz laboratory
The three brands are of high quality and are backed by multiple studies with scientific evidence regarding efficacy and safety. In Clínica Áureo we use all three types and decide which one to apply after an exhaustive examination of the patient to obtain the most satisfactory results.

52.What is it for?

Botulinum toxin has been used to treat pathologies in different specialties for many years. ( Neurology , Ophthalmology , Dermatology …). Its applications in Aesthetic Medicine are multiple, the most common are for the upper third of the face:

-Frinkle wrinkles

where to get botox injections on your face
-Front wrinkles
-Percular wrinkles (“crow’s feet”)
-Raise of the eyebrows
– Wrinkles of the nasal bridge (“bunny lines”)

They can also be used for the middle and lower third of the face, although here its use is more limited in terms of results and requires thorough knowledge and management of the technique and anatomy of the area, so they should only be performed by doctors trained and experienced in these more advanced techniques :

-Perilabial wrinkles (“barcode”)
-Wrinkles on lower eyelid
-Gingival smile (gums are seen when smiling)
-Menton prominent when speaking

53.How does it apply?

Botulinum toxin treatment consists of infiltrations through a small needle in the specific areas that we want to relax. You do not need anesthesia because it is practically painless and is done in about 20-30 minutes.

where to get botox injections on your face

54.What is the Post-application care?

Patients are incorporated into their usual routine immediately. The only aspect to take into account and in which Clínica Áureo emphasizes is that for 4 hours you should not lie down or touch the area where the toxin has been injected, that means not removing makeup, putting on creams or washing your head. You can exercise in that period but it is not recommended because of a higher probability of bruising when blood flow increases and because it is easy to neglect and touch your face while doing sports. where to get botox injections on your face

55.When does the effect begin to be noticed?

The relaxing effects of the toxin depend on the dose applied and begin to occur between 24 and 48 hours after its infiltration, reaching its maximum effect between 5 and 7 days after the injection.

56.How long is its effect?

The duration varies depending on different factors: the dose used, the area treated, the commercial type and, above all, the intrinsic characteristics of the patient. There are people with a lot of muscular power or with a very continuous or marked movement of their gestures, this will determine a shorter duration of the effect of Botox.

In general, we can consider that after 3 – 4 months of application, the patient begins to notice that he is “moving” his muscles again and that after 6 months he already has an almost normal muscular contraction. Before 4 months it is not advisable to repeat the treatment but after this period you can reapply Botox without problem.

It should be noted the preventive effect of botulinum toxin, the fact that the musculature does not have so much force when it comes to gesturing does not break the skin so much and, therefore, prevents the appearance of wrinkles. It is for this reason that the first time Botox is put on, the effect may last less time but with subsequent treatments the muscle loses strength and its effect lasts more and more.

57.Do you have side effects?

If a good selection of the patient and a good technique is made, the adverse effects of this treatment are very unlikely and also not serious. Apart from the possible appearance of bruises by injection (which is also rare because very thin needles are used), we must name the eyelid ptosis. This is a drooping of the eyebrow or eyelid due to paralysis of the muscles, this side effect can be avoided using the correct dose and maintaining anatomical safety margins, but if it occurs, it lasts about 3-4 weeks. where to get botox injections on your face


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